There are things I can't tell anyone.
These are those things.

Anonymous asked: Where are you supposed to put your hand on a guy when you are making out with him?







Lap area (if you are comfortable with that)


when u find out that someone u thought was all innocent is actually kinky as fuck

This happens to guys who get to know me sometimes lol ;)

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Anonymous asked: hi! I love your blog! seriously! do you have any advice about turning a guy on? I'm not ready to have sex yet. I just want to know something's to do. I have madeout before but, how do you know when to pull alway? I never know when I should... I don't want him to be like " wow this is nothing I wanna go " I never know when I should stop! please help (:

Ok so as far as pulling away, I would say when he starts getting really into kissing you pull away and smile to tease him a little bit then maybe start kissing his neck and running your hands over him

Anonymous asked: How do you give a really good hickey?

I’ve never given one lol

My booty ;)

My booty ;)

Anonymous asked: How else can you turn a guy on? I straddle his lap but then we just make out what else should I do when I'm there? Any tips

Work yo hips

Anonymous asked: Without going to third, taking off my bra, or either of us taking our pants off, what are some not so usual things that MAJORLY turn guys on while making out...?

Straddle his lap

Kiss his neck

Nibble his lip

Press up against him